Prized for its beauty and fine grain, basalt has been used by artisans for thousands of years. Forged by volcanic forces, it is well suited to a variety of commercial and domestic purposes - tiles, walling, driveways and landscaping.

Basalt is particularly suited for quality commercial projects.

Colours range from rich blue hues, black as well as light and dark greys.

At Allstone we provide basalt in honed, polished, antique and uncut finishes.



Granite is a durable natural stone which comes in a vast array of shades, including white, grey, green and black.

The many finishes – antique, polished, sawn, flamed and brushed - give it aesthetic appeal. Strong and durable granite is an ideal construction stone, and its wet-dry characteristic makes it suitable for areas such as pools and patios. Granite suits high traffic areas like driveways and paths as it has a high abrasion resistance.  Sealed granites resist staining and their colour will not leach or fade over time.  Some mid tone colours can highlight stains by becoming darker adding to the patina of the stone however, if this is not desired, it can be reduced by the use of a recommended impregnating sealer.



The neutral colours of limestone which mellow and blend over time plus its granular texture make it highly suitable in complementing environmental settings. It also has the ability to adjust to various architectural styles and has been used throughout the world in contemporary designs and for traditional bridges and cathedrals.

Limestone is easily shaped.  It has no preferential direction for splitting and can be cut and carved in a variety of directions making it suitable for a range of uses from landscaping simple steps and pavers through to internal flooring and fireplaces.

Allstone supplies limestone in a variety of colours - grey, beige, and olive tones. 


Starting as grains of stone which form sandstone, quartzite rock is the result of heat or pressure applied to these stones to make quartz.  This then is a highly durable and dense stone suitable for walling veneers and paving, especially around swimming pools.  Allstone supplies quartzite in colours ranging from off white, warm greys and honey/brown autumn tones.


With a vast range of colours and textures, combined with the fact it is easy to work with, sandstone is a popular choice for people seeking the style of natural stone.

Our South Australian and imported sandstones can be used for a variety of purposes - domestic and commercial building projects, walling veneers/cladding and blocks, paving and dimension stone. Sandstones age well, are weather resistant and are featured in major projects throughout South Australia and interstate.  Their distinctive qualities cross the colour palette, with popular shades of honey brown, salmon, grey and white.

Sandstone is also valued for artistic projects.

Travertine Marble

This natural stone often referred to as a ‘marble’ comes mainly in off-white, grey, and light cream to tan tones. Travertine finishes include honed, antique, sawn, sandblasted and rock face - its uses range from tiling, flooring and paving to internal and external walls, either in blocks or veneers/cladding. It also suits special areas such as fire places and feature walls.

Travertine’s appearance can change according to the orientation of the cut e.g. cross-cut and vein-cut.  The type of finish is important as there can be significant differences in the stone’s strength and cavities may need to be filled.  Travertine may be imprinted by acidic substances such as wine so honed or matt finishes are recommended in areas likely to be exposed to acids.

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