Sealing is important to maintain stone condition. At Allstone we can supply quality sealant products.

We advise sealing pavers and floor tiles prone to staining. Recommended sealers are 'DryTreat' Stain-Proof for outdoors and Meta-Crème for indoors. These penetrating sealers do not change colour or finish.

The coping and stone around saltwater pools must be sealed. Coping must be pre-dipped in 'DryTreat' 40SK and allowed to cure prior to installation. Treatment by a licensed applicator comes with a 15 year guarantee, please refer to the Drytreat website for authorised applicators. Stone dipped in 40SK requires appx two weeks curing period).

Walls do not always require sealing except BBQ, coastal, damp/humid areas or where prone to graffiti.

- + DryTreat Sealers

Meta Creme - An impregnating sealer. Ultimate protection for stone.
15yr warranty

Stainproof - Impregnating, invisible, it allows stone to breathe and helps protect from water, salts and oil based stain damage.
15yr warranty

40SK - An excellent chloride ion salt screen - ideal for marine and pool areas. Properties as above- able to consolidate loose and friable surfaces.
15yr warranty www.drytreat/40SK

Intensifia - Provides deep enhancement of colour; hides scratches, efflorescence and imperfections; Premium oil and water based stain protection.
5yr warranty

Stain-Repella - A cheaper water based, invisible, penetrating sealer. Can be diluted and used as a pre-sealer prior to using Stainproof or Meta-Creme.

* Note all licenced applications come with a DRYTREAT warranty.